Bring Just Breathe for Kids into your space

Just Breathe for Kids offers 1:1 sessions both in person and online. These classes are personalized to meet the needs of your child(ren) with mindful consideration of where they are at in their practice. Sessions are held in studio, online or at your private venue.

The intentions (and benefits) of private classes

Teaching the basics

Learning and understanding the basics of yoga asanas (poses and breath).


Deepen practice

Workshopping a specific pose or set of poses.


Tools for life

Establishing a set of tools to use to create space between life experiences and how we respond to them.


Help while healing

Learning to modify a practice while healing from injury.



Improve self confidence, reduce anxiety, increase attention, and learn tools to respond instead of react.


The perfect gift

Because our children are our future.


In person private sessions

In person private sessions are typically 45-60 minutes. They are held in studio or at your private venue (additional fee). Each session is specific to the individual(s) practicing and no experience is ever necessary as we believe your child(ren) have everything they need to practice with us. Knowing that the magic of Just Breathe for Kids classes is the consistent practice of it, we recommend class packs. The more we practice, the more we strengthen.

What Parents Say

“She LOVED the online private session with you. Thank you for making it so interactive and helping her to feel comfortable! We will definitely do it again!”

Joanie, Parent of a Just Breathe Yogi