About Just Breathe for Kids

Imagine the world I will design when I am inspired to trust that I have everything inside me to be my best…and I learn to believe it. This is why we practice. THIS is Just Breathe for Kids.

Just Breathe was born when my, then, four-year-old son left his first yoga class and said “so in yoga, you just breathe.”

Since that time, Just Breathe for Kids has been on a mission to lead a yoga and mindfulness movement in the South.
It is our mission to bring the practice of yoga and mindfulness to children everywhere, one breath at a time. Our classes focus on one thing: being the best version of yourself. There is no right or wrong, no perfection, no one size fits all. It is a path of discovery for our children to understand and learn how to pause, breathe, and look within.

We see there are so many places our children are asked to fit into a one-size-fits-all box. In our kids classes, every body and everybody is different (and welcome) and that is exactly how it should be!

What makes Just Breathe for Kids unique is the combination of my background in social work and extensive work in schools with the practice and traditions of yoga and mindfulness. Every Just Breathe for Kids class has a theme. Each theme is relevant to a life skill that all children will benefit from learning and practicing. Themes like “I am ready,” or “I am me,” help give children a focus when working through the yoga poses and practices that transfers into real life for everybody and every body!

-Jamie Castaño, Founder MSW, RYT 500

Meet Our Awesome Team

About Jamie

My why…

The athlete who repeats a mantra before a baseball game to help him calm his nerves.

The comment from a mom who swears her son has never been as happy as he was after his first yoga class.

The anxious student who doesn’t speak for weeks, then raises her hand in class to volunteer.

The teenager who “struggles making friends at the new middle school but lives for her yoga tribe.”

The yogi that tells his mom that he cried during the last pose in yoga because he didn’t want class to end.

The gamer who “takes a deep breath when my mom says time is up so that I don’t get mad.”

The rule follower who “practices tree pose every day to help them remember that it’s ok to fall.”

The teachers face when I share what an amazing job the often-labeled student did in yoga and how they lead the entire class.

The peer that tells another child to take a deep breath to help them calm their nerves.

My why is to create a space for all children to come where they get to be themselves, feel connected, accepted, enough, included, and special.


Christie Bell, 200 RYT
Lead Instructor & CAO

Christie is a 200HR certified yoga instructor, Just Breathe for Kids Class leader and our Chief Art Operator. Christie loves working with kids and loves yoga, constantly seeing the benefits of the practice in her and her children’s lives. Her passion for art is shared in our classes especially Summer Camp and Kids Night Out. Read more about her WHY here. Email Christie.

ryt 200

Callie Timme, 200 RYT
Certified JB4K Instructor

Callie is a 200HR certified yoga instructor and holds a MFA in Performing Arts. She has 10 years of teaching experience with students of all ages, and she loves integrating imagination, play, and movement in her classes. Callie’s goal as a teacher is to provide space for students to be empowered by their authenticity! Email Callie.

ryt 200

Jennifer Austin,
Business Operations Manager

Just Breathe for Kids FAQ

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Please send us an email.

Just Breathe for Kids mindful kids yoga classes, are recommended for children age 5+ (or 4 year olds that are able to join us on their mat for 1 hour). Be sure to check social media and our website for grownup + me events and drop in classes.


No experience is ever necessary in any Just Breathe for Kids class as we believe (and practice), that our children have everything they need within them already to practice with us…we slow down our thinking minds to tune into this knowing.

We believe your child(ren) already has everything they need to join our classes. All of our classes are designed to meet our children exactly where they are. In our Just Breathe for Kids class we will welcome your child into the space that they will help design and create.

All you need for a Just Breathe for Kids classes is…YOU!


General Studio Information

Please come dressed in clothes comfortable to move in. It is recommended to remove socks prior to practice as they make for slippery mats and floor.

e for Kids mindful kids yoga classes, are recommended for children age 5+ (or 4 year olds that are able to join us on their mat for 1 hour). Be sure to check social media and our website for grownup + me events and drop in classes.

  • A mat or towel (yes, we have mats available for use)

  • Water bottle (with water) that closes

Just Breathe for Kids is located behind the parking lot of Jarfly in midtown Columbus. You will see signs pointing to our space. 1365 Warren Williams Rd, STE B, Columbus, GA 31901

You will notice our space is perfect for our small class size, which means…please wait with your child(ren) outside, in the park across the street, in the car until class time.

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early for class

Please stay with your child(ren) until they enter the studio

When you bring your child(ren) inside the main building (before reaching our studio) you will notice a yellow rope marking off our space. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS THE ROPE. IT WILL SET OFF AN ALARM.

As always, we will enter the studio together after removing our shoes.

Please bring a mat and closed water bottle (with water) to each class. Yes, we have mats to borrow should your child need one. Dress is comfortable to move our bodies. This space is smaller and although it has air (and heat) when moving it will get hot. Please dress your child(ren) mindfully.

No food or drinks other than water are permitted inside the studio.

No cell phones, smart watches (like Apple Watch), smart earphones (like Air Pods) are allowed in the studio at any time.

All personal belongings may be kept in the cubbies outside the studio.

Parking is super limited right outside the studio. We recommend parking at the park across the street and walking your child(ren) over to our space right before class time.

All children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times unless they are in class.

Younger yogi’s Parents: Please take your yogi to the restroom BEFORE class begins.

We start our class on time to honor the tradition and end on time to honor you.

Notice of Exemption Just Breathe is not a licensed child care facility. This program is not required to be licensed by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and this program is exempt from state licensure requirements.

We follow Muscogee County’s decisions on inclement weather school closings. However, you should always use your own judgement when deciding to travel due to weather. We will also communicate all schedule changes on social media.