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Just Breathe for Kids after school mindfulness project is on a mission to bring the tools of yoga and mindfulness to children where they are at….school!

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How it Works

Students are led in weekly lessons using mindfulness and yoga to provide a set of tools to use to create space between life experiences and how we respond to them. It is a strength-based practice of living mindfully in the present. We will encourage “play” in our experience and explore how our breath and body move together. Each program runs weekly throughout the school year is adjusted to your school’s schedule

Just Breathe for Kids will introduce a fun, hands on, learning experience that is age appropriate and interactive for every grade level.



Learn and practice social-emotional learning strategies, while creating opportunities for connection to themselves, their peers and the world in a positive, healthy way.


 Mindfulness practices encourage students to bring their awareness to the present moment while offering an opportunity to “rest and reset” the body and mind.


Demonstrate positive outcomes in the areas of focus and attention, social and emotional learning, behavior, academic success and more



Mindful movement that can decrease stress through energetic release or introspection and focus, and help to cultivate problem-solving, collaboration and sense of responsibility for themselves and each other



 Empowering tools for self-regulation, helping students learn to calm and center, or empower and energize as needed.



HAVE FUN! Where else in the world are our children encouraged to be…themselves?! At Just Breathe for Kids we believe all children already have everything they need within them to be their best…we inspire them to slow down  and practice, so they believe it!


Bring Just Breathe for Kids to Your School

If you are interested in starting an after school yoga club at your school or have additional questions please call us at 706-804-0505 or email us at

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