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Just Breathe for Kids can lead and inspire students and teachers create mindful, positive spaces and habits to support learning and development

Staff Training
Mindfulness in the Classroom:
How you can create a mindful school & classroom culture.

Onsite staff training $350

Mindfulness in the Classroom is a 1.5-hour, onsite training program, combining decades of school social work experience with the traditional lessons of yoga and mindfulness. A professionally trained leader from Just Breathe for Kids will present site specific tools through yoga poses, breathing methods, games and/or activities to immediately implement into your space in an effort to create a calm, presented-centered culture.

Just Breathe for Kids will introduce a fun, hands on, learning experience that is age appropriate and interactive for every grade level.

Participants will feel inspired to use the tools from the Mindfulness in the Classroom concept where educators understand that the mindful space begins with…YOU

Onsite staff training WITH 2 hours in classroom specific training and demonstration $550

This option includes the 1.5 hour on site, staff training (#1), as well as the mindfulness trainer providing hands on in classroom consultation/demos. The consultation/demo will be class specific and based on the needs/request of the teacher, including additional guidance and explanation of the skills introduced in the staff training. Minimum of 2 hours in classroom.

*Additional fees for additional classrooms

Consultation/Demos* $100 per hour

Just Breathe for Kids Consultation Sessions are customized for one-on-one Leader learning or small group settings after completing the Mindfulness in the Classroom Teacher Training. The consultation model consists of checking in, determining what is working, understanding current barriers to implementation, and creating a practical model for mindfulness and movement. Sessions can include demonstrations in classrooms and various settings.

Just Breathe for Kids believes that as long as you have your breath you can lead and practice these skills. Our Just Breathe for Kids Demo program includes fifteen-minute lessons delivered to students in the classroom and other learning settings, with the Teacher. Demos are tailored to meet the teacher/class exactly where they are at and will be specific to the teacher/administrator request.

*Must have completed the Mindfulness in the Classroom Teacher training program


For students/youth

Learn and practice social-emotional learning strategies, while creating opportunities for connection to themselves, their peers and the world in a positive, healthy way.

For staff/adults

Learn and practice strength-based strategies for managing social emotional learning while creating a calm and present centered environment for their students. Creating a toolbox of mindfulness strategies including breathing exercises and mindful movement routines to help cultivate mindfulness. Remembering that this space starts with you.


For schools + organizations

Create a calm centered school where students are inspired to be themselves, practice mindfulness strategies and are reminded they have everything they need within them to be their best. Social Emotional Learning is highlighted in a way that is accessible to all children and staff individually and cooperatively.


Benefits of Mindfulness in the Classroom


Feel confident creating calm, mindful learning environments where students are encouraged to be their best.


Practice finding their calm, tuning into their inner knowing and are seen, heard, and supported throughout the day.


Develop tools and strategies to
promote a culture of calm and mindfulness throughout the school.



Notice their child(ren) using skills that help them to reduce anxiety, create calm, move mindfully and practice living in the present.


Just Breathe for Kids in School
Student led mindfulness club:
Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments is a student-led mindfulness project where students volunteer to attend a weekly club, where they learn and practice skills to create calm in the classroom and throughout the school. Following training and preparation, students lead these skills throughout the school.

  •  Students spend time, weekly, learning tools through yoga and mindfulness that are translated into mindfulness routines and led by their peers. After completing the training, each student creates a mindful routine to lead throughout the school.
  • Teachers sign up for students to lead their mindful moments in their classroom during the school days in times of transition, high energy, before tests etc
  • Members of Mindful Moments lead their flows prior to school wide assemblies, before concerts and performances, on student led announcements and more.
  • Students can volunteer and be nominated for participation. Participation is voluntary.

School Requirements

  •  On-site sponsor and Administration support and willingness to participate in growth of the project.
  • Teachers are willing to support students by encouraging them to lead in their classroom and answering questions as they arise.
  • A dedicated space for Mindful Moments group to practice each week.

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