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Just Breathe
for Kids

Our Programs

We are a safe space for children ages 5+ to come exactly as they are and grow into the best version of themselves by practicing the ancient traditions of yoga, breathing techniques, mindfulness, and connection. In all of our classes and events we inspire life skills that your children have accessible to them ALWAYS:

Being ourselves…self-confidence

Trying new things…reducing anxiety

Sitting still…stabilizing energy

Slowing down our thinking minds…encouraging focus

Pausing…creating impulse control

Noticing…creating emotional balance

Connecting…creating our own calm

In School

Creating mindful school spaces and empowering kids

Studio Classes

Fun-filled, kid-centric sessions with our experienced staff

After School

Bring a Just Breathe for Kids club to your school

What Our Kids Say

mission statement

Imagine the world I will design when I am inspired to trust that I have everything inside me to be my best... and I learn to believe it. This is why we practice. THIS is Just Breathe for Kids.

What Parents Say